Tantalizing Sardine Salad Lettuce Wraps


I have a confession to make to the wellness community. I can’t stand sardines. Can’t stand the flavor, can’t stand the bones, can’t stand them in general. But unfortunately for me, sardines are incredibly healthy (and a super fast protein on a busy work day).
So what’s a girl to do? Figure out how to eat them anyway, of course!

My secret? Drown them in mustard. A good, unsweetened mustard (read those ingredient lists!). Then mush ’em up until there’s no texture left and it resembles tuna salad. Sardine texture eliminated, sardine flavor drowned, and we’re left with a yummy, nutrient rich, easy protein that *rocks* when tucked into a lettuce wrap.

I heard from a Raw Vegan that the secret to a good lettuce wrap is combining different textures. This delicious wrap uses creamy, crunchy and smooth to great effect; and gets taken to the next level with the addition of Omega-3 rich sardine salad.

All the ingredients can be made in advance and stored in separate containers until ready to assemble. Assembly takes less than 30 seconds. Enjoy!

Sardine Salad:

1 can sardines packed in olive oil

Unsweetened mustard (to taste)

A squeeze of lemon (optional, but totally kills the fish smell if it’s bothering you)


Combine all ingredients and mash well with a fork. Set aside.


Wrap Ingredients:


Cucumber sticks

Avocado Cubes


Spread 2 tablespoons of sardine salad on a lettuce leaf. Add Avocado and Cucumber. Roll up into a wrap and enjoy!


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