Day 1 for a healthier lifestyle


Well I never thought I’d ever write a blog. But I guess, as they say, never say never. People have been encouraging me to begin a blog about healthful living so here we go.

The first step to any healthy life is the absence of toxins. While this may sound easy, in this day and age, it’s not so simple to come by. Processed foods are loaded with them. You’d be surprised to read the labels on foods that are marketed as “healthy”, “whole-grain”, and even “organic”. MSG slips in to a lot of foods, as does preservatives, artificial dyes, and poisons (yes, you read that right) that are added into foods and labelled as food.

The most important factor that I can stress is to read all ingredient lists. Beware of additives that are letter/number coded (such as e-621, aka MSG). Most of these additives are quite harmful, although some of them are perfectly safe (such as e-300, aka vitamin C). Safe substances that are given a number (such as e-300) are artificially made, hence the number.

Instead of needing to be an encyclopedia of number codes, there is a great app (available for android, I’m sure one is available for apple systems as well) that I highly recommend, called Eat Informed (EI) – Food Additives and can be found at —

You can search their database of additives by number and learn about each additive; where it comes from, how it’s made, what it’s used for, etc. I find it to be most enlightening, and I have been known to stand in the supermarket with a package in my hand and my nose to my phone, looking up random numbers.

I’ve come to the conclusion that most foods are better (and less expensive) to make myself. I will be posting easy, delicious, and in-expensive recipes in the course of this blog.

Stay tuned — Next up: The dangers of store-bought breads


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